How to become an Advocate?

Tech Scotland Advocates membership is open to anyone, and the group has no joining or membership fees, but Advocates invite Advocates.

To join the group, you will need to be introduced to Garry Bernstein, Founder of Tech Scotland Advocates (either via email or in person), by a current Advocate. Garry will explain the purpose, goals and various elements of Tech Scotland Advocates to you – such as the Working Groups, Advisory Board and Community Events.

Once you have been introduced to the group, you will officially become an Advocate. This will entitle you to access the network of over 10,000 existing Advocates, attend Tech Scotland Advocates events and participate in Working Groups.

What is the time commitment expected from Advocates?

There is no time commitment or minimum engagement required to being an Advocate; you can participate in and engage with the community as much or as little as you like. There are however three asks of each Advocate, irrespective of their level of engagement:

– To be ‘on message’ about the tech sector in Scotland and the rest of the UK (TSA messaging is provided in monthly email updates)

– When ready, help expand the Tech Scotland Advocate network by introducing an Advocate

– Adopt the ethos of helping one another for the ‘common good’ as a means of growing and sustaining a strong and vibrant technology sector